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“I came to Debbie at an upside-down time in my life. I was emotionally drained and struggling with an increasing waistline which dragged me down even more. I felt I needed something more than a “diet”. Debbie has inspired me and uplifted me after each session. The nutritions homemade food she makes is delightful and our session is like having a cup of tea with an old friend. Debbie has helped me achieve balance in my life and recently inspired me to give Yoga a try. Through her inspiration and joy of life I have now been able to get back on track with my weight-loss by using all the healthy lifestyle suggestions she has shared and taught me. One of the nutritious foods she has introduced me to is Quinos, which is delicious, and now appears weekly on “my healthy plate”. I plan on continuing into the next phase of her integrative nutrition program and look forward to a healthy future. Thank you Debbie.” – Linda Mantlik-Stratford, CT


“I met Debbie at Weight Watchers. She was my instructor and the most uplifting, upbeat and very motivating speakers I have ever met. She drew many people in week after week. I did lose weight on this program but because of my hypo-thyroid, I struggled with keeping it off as well as staying energized. When Debbie began her Health and Life Coaching business, I decided to meet with her for a consultation and joined her 6 Month Program. I discovered she could really steer me in the right direction. Debbie got me on track with whole foods and supplements that support a healthy thyroid. Additionally, by explaining some irregular symptoms regarding my stomach, she realized that certain foods and products that contain gluten could be causing the issues. She has helped me feel great and has taught me how to think about the foods and products I use every day. Her positive attitude, willingness to focus on the individual and persistence to pin point the proper food for your mind and body is very inspiring! Thank you Deb.” – Sally Carter-Stratford, CT

“I have been a client of Debbie’s for the past five months. I am so grateful to have her as my Health Coach. Her ability to listen and be quiet is one of the greatest things about her, it makes me feel comfort and appreciated for all I have to say even when it sometimes feels like nonsense. Through that she gives me the best support and encouragement anyone could ask for. I feel better every time I talk to her. 🙂 “~ Ryan Balog, Florida”Debbie has a wonderful skill of hearing the “best” in me. She has guided me gently yet with conviction, reminding me of my strengths, my duty to myself, and of my need to stay true to my path towards becoming not only a health coach, but my highest dream of myself. She keeps me on track, and pulls out the vital information for us/me to focus on from session to session. Thank you, Debbie!” – Amy Bright, NH

“Debbie has been an increasingly powerful health coach to me. Over the course of 5 months, our sessions have progressed to a more meaningful and helpful level. I always come away from each session with new helpful ideas and thoughts, and look forward to the subsequent session! I highly recommend her!” – Debbie Katz, VA

“I love working with Deb as my health coach because she pushes me to set goals for myself and hold myself accountable for reaching them. She is very helpful during our sessions and knows just when to say something or when to let me talk my way through it. She has definitely made my experience with health coaching a positive one and it helps me want to help others as well.” -Jessica Rodriguez, GA

“Debbie has been such an inspirational health coach. She has pushed me outside of my comfort zone when I needed a push, she has listened to me when I needed an ear, she makes me believe when I have doubt and she makes me believe I can do whatever I put my mind to! Thank you Debbie!” – Sandy Pallotta

” Deb’s has been a great support and inspirational to me during my journey as a student. She is always very knowledgeable, positive, energetic. She has great ideas and very helpful. I am so happy that I have Debbie to guide me through this exciting year. Thanks again. “- Rajika

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