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Gwen Marchetti Achilles  recommends Metamorphosis body mind spirit.  “I’ve been working with Debbie by phone for the last 2 months. I have so many health issues. I decided to try her, since I’ve tried every diet there is known, and nothing helps. I’ve had extreme pain in my back, legs and feet for 40 years. Sometimes so bad I couldn’t walk for months on end. Also just being on my feet for more than 10 minutes, pain from my back shot down to my toes, and my leg would go numb. Never knew what was wrong. Doctors wanted to give me narcotics, I opted for physical therapy, and then shots in my back.Come to find out after my chiropractor sent me for an MRI, I have arthritis through most of my back. Debbie was my last hope. So by the end of the first week, I found less pain. By now, I can’t say I’m totally out of pain, but I’m so much more active, going shopping mopping my floors, and cleaning my house.Unbelievable to me. She’s taught me to eat healthier, and avoid thing that can bring inflammation to my body.She is such an amazing person, she really listens to your needs, and encourages you.She is friendly, and really knows what she talking about. I have her first two books, and her third one I just ordered. Can’t wait to get it.”

“Deb’s Healthy Plate is the most inviting, informative and fun place to go learn something new. We met Deb through the adult enrichment program at Hamden High School and automatically clicked. In my opinion, it felt like going to a friend’s house to learn how to cook a good (and healthy) meal! Deb is personable, kind, funny, sweet and knows her stuff. It is so obvious how passionate she is about her work as a cooking instructor and health coach, and she does it well! I highly recommend Deb’s Healthy Plate to any one who is interested in cooking and bettering the way that they eat, or just for a good time out with friends. This is a great place for everyone: kids, adults, couples. This was one of the best experiences ever in my life (we have taken several classes with Deb) and we will be back!” Jenna Holt

Delicious food · Professional staff · Great value

“Debbie Barbiero is a great nutritionist, life coach, and chef. She has taught me so much about food and cooking, which is just as much fun as it is educational. Debbie also is helping me gain weight, which is why I started using her as a nutritionist. She has been a great help with that, along with getting me to try new foods and recipes. We make fun, healthy recipes together, from salads to brownies, even breakfast foods like granola. Debbie is a great help for other problems that aren’t necessarily health or nutritional related, such as accomplishing goals. I especially enjoy getting to experiment with herbs and spices. Her services also include meals-to-go, group classes, parties, classes for children, and personal chef. She is an excellent nutritionist, and has become a great friend to me too.” Gina, 22 year old young woman battling Anorexia. When we started our journey together she weighed 74.6 lbs and currently weighs 94.6 lbs.

“If you feel you need help to get on a better path to health and wellness – call Debbie Barbiero. Owner of Debs Healthy Plate. Debbie has studied health/wellness and nutrition for years. A trained Chef, Debbie offers cooking classes, and personalized coaching. Debbie’s multi-faceted, and customized approach helps people unravel the tangle of food and lifestyle options that bombard us daily. She is a warm, caring person and a learned, effective coach. Sometimes we need an empathetic person to help sort out the reasons behind our eating/behavioral challenges – and Debbie is a perfect, non-judgmental person to help. I recommend her highly.” Marybeth Laleman

“I see Debbie for my stomach issues and also for my THYROID issues. Since seeing her, she has helped me immensely by choosing the right foods for my “gut”. I eat healthy anyways, but there were many things that I didn’t know. She clarified why these certain foods would cause either my stomach to flare up and bloat or why they weren’t good for someone with a thyroid issue. I would highly recommend Debbie Barbiero to anyone. Her book/cookbook I often use and love, love, love the recipes in it. Thanks Deb for all you have Done.” Melissa Dilella

“The transformation from being weak, sick, miserable and nauseous is nothing less than miraculous! The person I am today is the complete opposite. That’s who I was 5 years ago. My transformation from being in absolute misery to being completely fulfilled and thriving is nothing less than miraculous! I couldn’t enjoy anything life had to offer my days were spent in bed or at doctors’ appointments. I was overwhelmed with sickness and suffering from Lupus inflammation and not being able to urinate on my own without a catheter. I had to have a Medtronic device implanted into my body to stimulate my bladder. I was on dozens of different medications and I was totally depressed and beginning to lose all hope. Then my angel took matters into her own hands and began my healing by going to school to learn an alternative to the medications that just were not helping. That angel is my mother to whom I am forever grateful. She educated herself and then me on how to eat naturally. I am now healthier than I have ever been. I no longer take any medications. My Medtronic device is currently turned off and I am able to function on my own. I have lost 50 lbs. and best of all I have two daughters (and I was told by doctors that I couldn’t have children.) I encourage everyone to let my mom, Debbie Barbiero into your life and you will witness how she helps you to heal yourself body, mind and spirit.” Sondra Millea

“I am very happy and surprised with the changes I have made and the belief that I can feel satisfied. I am a lot less bloated from using your ginger recommendation. My first appointment I came and felt like I could never relax in my life because I am too busy. Let 10 minutes pass into our session, I feel so relaxed. At appointment #6, I came here exhausted from being up late with a sick child, but now I feel refreshed! Thank you.” Michelle O’Donnell

Personal Chef/Cooking Class
Allison just left you a review:
I hired Debra for a birthday event for my mom Josephine. She was Fabulous. Four of us watched and learned and participated, chatted about food and preparation. I was not exactly sure what to expect, but I was impressed. The food was excellent, pretty and tasty, we learned, we laughed and had a great time! Took lots of pics too, this was a great memory and activity for my moms birthday. SHE EVEN CLEANED THE DISHES AFTER! came in a BEautiul professional red chefs coat, We plan on making the risotto for the first time ourselves this weekend- very excited.

“Thank you Debbie for helping to make my sister’s party the best. You did a great job and the food was just delicious, healthy and beautiful just to look at not to mention how good everything tasted. You did a terrific job and will recommend you to everyone I know. Please thank Frank also. What a wonderful team you make. Again thank you thank you thank you for the best party. Love, Louise Barbrow

“I hired Debbie to cook a meal for my husband’s birthday which was on a week night after a long tiring day for both of us. Debbie was very helpful around menu choices and also very flexible as I asked her to deliver the meal rather than cook in our home because we would be home on the later side. She cooked us a very delicious and healthy meal, exactly what we wanted. We had a lovely kale salad, perfectly cooked lamb chops over spinach and a side of risotto. Debbie is also a nutritionist and life coach and is also very knowledgeable about how to use food as a way to respond to problematic health conditions such as auto-immune diseases. I would highly recommend her. She is also more reasonably priced than the other private chefs in the area.” Dr. Laurie G. MD

“I learned a lot from Debbie, being a proud member of her diet group….I learned what to keep in the house, and what to get rid of,  I learned how to shop and what to shop for and what to ignore….and why. One of her best recommendation that will always be my permanent guide, in my food shopping when she said: after cleaning your house from the list of No no’s  always remember that you will eat what you buy from the food store……….The sweets, butters, starches….etc.., does not jump to your bag by itself….and it does not come with your shopping as a free gift…….No Sir… pay for it.  And I have been very conciseness about that fact. …..Debbie, in our meetings, comes across as a caring and informative nutritionist, and with her big smile, you will always feel relaxed and among friends…..Bless you Debbie, you have changed my life. ”  Dr. Abdel Hady

Teresa Ambrosini Muscarella reviewed Deb’s Healthy Plate — 5 star

“We love love love Chef Debbie !!! My daughter takes the kids cooking classes with Chef Debbie and she has learned so much about healthy eating and creative ways to cook delicious meals . Thank you Debbie …I now have my own personal chef !!!!”


“Debbie cooked an amazing meal for my husband and my first wedding anniversary. She came to the house well prepared and cooked and served a delicious and health conscious 4 course meal. Having her come to our home and prepare a special meal for our special occasion was nothing shy of amazing and made the night a lot more l memorable then it would of been if we went out to dinner. I would highly recommend Debbie for any occasion!” Tiffany M.

“We are so happy to have found Debbie Barbiero to do meal preparation for my sister when she was undergoing chemotherapy. Debbie is very knowledgeable about Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right for Your Type food guidelines. My sister is a patient of Dr. D’Adamo and needed someone to prepare healthy meals for her in accordance with his recommendations for her situation. She was SO HAPPY with the meals that Debbie prepared and delivered for her. She told me every day how delicious everything was, and how happy she was to know that she was eating the most nutritious and beneficial foods at such a challenging time for her. Debbie’s kind and caring food preparation and delivery helped ease her mind, body and spirit. Thank you, Debbie!!!”

Joanne J

I have known Debbie for about 13 years. She is a great person inside and out. I feel she has met her calling in life to become a life coach. She really encourages people to reach their goals in all aspects of life not just with food, but family, work-life, etc. She helps you balance between all of the aspects and demands of your life. Debbie offers a variety of programs to suit your needs. She helps you find how simple changes in your life can be better for you health wise and avoid unnessary medications. Debbie is very knowledgeable and has really taught me things you would never know. What is truly great about her program is it is designed for you not a program that everyone follows. Everyone is different and she will work with you to find what is the most beneficial for your body. She also offers programs where she will cook for you to meet your dietary needs whether it is during one of her sessions and you can even order food to go! Everything I have tried I have loved – easy simple recipes that are healthy and make a difference! If you are looking for a new and rewarding program – Debbie is the answer.

Susan P

Vice President

Complex Service Manager

A Testimonial After Just 3 Sessions!
“Dear Debbie, It was such a pleasure and so helpful to work with you as my nutrition/health coach this summer. I’ve always had questions about how the food I eat affects me, how my metabolism has changed in the last 5-10 years, and what were the best steps to get me started on a new path to lose weight permanently and feel better physically. I’ve had joint pain for years. When I heard that you could handle such conditions as Lupus and Hashimoto’s Disease for you and your daughter, I knew you were the one to come to. You’ve answered all my questions and more.

I now have a really usable list of foods that are good for me as well as a list of foods to avoid (and boy do I notice when/if I eat some of the wrong foods!) I’m really more in tune to eating healthy and it’s more than just “I should”, it’s become a new mindset for me for life.

Thanks for helping me make this huge transition. I’m down 15 pounds already and my joints feel better, my energy is up, and I’m really committed to staying with this for the long haul.

I have and will continue to recommend you to others. It was fun to take this journey with my sister. Now we have all new things to talk about!

Thanks again,
Monica Leggett”

“Debbie Barbiero, my all around health professional & friend. She has helped me identify food & additives in food that trigger my system making me feel ill.  She, more than any gastroenterologist or internist has contributed to keeping me healthy & OFF meds.” J

“Deb is amazing. Every meal that she made for me was delicious. Each dish was different and contained new kinds of foods that I have never had before. These dishes opened my eyes to healthy eating and to making educated decisions about what I put in my body. Deb is truly a professional with a passion for helping others improve their health and overall outlook on nutrition. I would recomend anyone who has been struggling with eating healthy and who wants to educate themselves on the value of improving their nutritional habits to set up an appoinment with Deb. My diet and overall health has improved greatly and I have been put on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Deb.”

Adam Schlein
Fairfield, CT

I battle Lyme Disease and thyroid issues. I was looking for someone that could help me improve my health and boost my immune system. I found Debbie by seeing her advertisement on her car and checked out her website and sent her an email.

I signed up for the Premium Program. She makes me a delicious meal tailored to my food preferences and an hour of information on healthy eating. I have learned alot from Debbie and have a folder full of healthy recipes to make to get my immune system strong and to lose a few pounds.

I would recommend Debbie to anyone. For people just wanting to lose a few pounds or a lot of weight or to just wanting to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. She has alot of information to give.


Debbie is a warm, gentle, and supportive coach. During our sessions, she helped guide me through my own fears of not being enough by identifying my unique gifts and strengths. I truly appreciated her genuine kindness and interest in helping me grow to become a successful and confident coach.


I want to thank you for all your help in being my life coach it was a great experience.
Well, for starters I calculate that I lost about 28 lbs and I am in the process of revamping my wardrobe, now most of my pants are simply too big for me. Actually to think of it , that’s not a bad feeling.

Well, I have seen all the changes and intelligent choices I have made and I see and feel the results.
I pretty much eliminated a lot of my bad food choices and had focused on eating what is healthy.
I guess the 28 pound loss is testimony to that . In addition I feel and have so much more energy and and-overall positive attitude.
I also found under your guidance I have began eating smaller more nutritional meals and have begun to also eat a variety of different foods that previously I would never have tried.

Well again Debbie I want to thank you for all your help and I look forward to losing more weight and enjoying a more energetic and healthy life style.
Glenn, New Britain, CT

PS. I also found out that by eating more nutritious food I am not as hungry as often. And that is a good thing!

My Metamorphosis Body Mind and Spirit

Before and After– I lost over 60 lbs and am off all medication for Hashimoto’s disease and cholesterol. I am completely med free!

“It was a pleasure having such a nice Health Coach like Debbie Barbiero. Thanks for helping me learn so many things about the food we eat. I admire your knowledge and I’m blessed I got to know you. With love” , Aylin Mari Torres Miss Puerto Rico’s Outstanding Teen 2011

“I have completed the 12 meeting program. I am on dialysis so my concerns are potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Deb made a profile of me and then we began. She crafted meals which eliminated the bad foods and tasted very good. So now I read labels very carefully so I understand the ingredients. Thanks Deb. I am eating healthier and even feel better.” Joe

“I came to Debbie at an upside-down time in my life.  I was emotionally drained and struggling with an increasing waistline which dragged me down even more.  I felt I needed something more than a “diet”.  Debbie has inspired me and uplifted me after each session.  The nutritious homemade food she makes is delightful and our session is like having a cup of tea with an old friend.  Debbie has helped me achieve balance in my life and recently inspired me to give Yoga a try.  Through her inspiration and joy of life I have now been able to get back on track with my weight-loss by using all the healthy lifestyle suggestions she has shared and taught me.  One of the nutritious foods she has introduced me to is quinos, which is delicious, and now appears weekly on “my healthy plate”.  I plan on continuing into the next phase of her integrative nutrition program and look forward to a healthy future.  Thank you Debbie”.

Linda Mantlik, Stratford, CT

“I met Debbie at Weight Watchers.  She was my instructor and the most uplifting, upbeat and very motivating speakers I have ever met.  She drew many people in week after week.  I did lose weight on this program but because of my hypo-thyroid, I struggled with keeping it off as well as staying energized.

When Debbie began her Health and Life Coaching business, I decided to meet with her for a consultation and joined her 6 Month Program.  I discovered she could really steer me in the right direction.  Debbie got me on track with whole foods and supplements that support a healthy thyroid.  Additionally, by explaining some irregular symptoms regarding my stomach, she realized that certain foods and products that contain gluten could be causing the issues.  She has helped me feel great and has taught me how to think about the foods and products I use every day.  Her positive attitude, willingness to focus on the individual and persistence to pin point the proper food for your mind and body is very inspiring!  Thank you Deb.”

Sally Carter-Stratford, CT

Over the years I tried numerous diets lost some weight only to gain it back again.  I felt deprived most of the time.  I admit, I absolutely love to eat!  I battled hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s disease, an auto-immune disease which left me exhausted, pain on the sides of my face into the back of my head, brain fog, heart palpitations, pain in several parts of my body, insomnia,thickness in my throat, hair loss, irritability and a few other symptoms.  My cholesterol was 295!  I knew I needed to do something and did not want to rely on medicine.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is the largest school of Nutrition in the world!  Every day has been filled with amazing learning which I have learned to incorporate into my life.  I have lost over 60 pounds without feeling like I am dieting.  I am no longer on any medication for my thyroid or anything else.  I have more energy and I feel better than I did 30 years ago.  I get full blood work done every 6 months to make sure everything is in balance.  My endocrinologist is very pleased with my progress and good health that she refers diabetes and thyroid patients to me for health coaching.  I would love to have the opportunity to help you regain your health too.  Knowledge is power.  The best medicine is what you put on your fork.

Debbie Barbiero, Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, AADP-Shelton, CT

“I have been a client of Debbie’s for the past five months.  I am so grateful to have her as my Health Coach.  Her ability to listen and be quiet is one of the greatest things about her, it makes me feel comfort and appreciated for all I have to say even when it sometimes feels like nonsense.  Through that she gives me the best support and encouragement anyone could ask for.  I feel better every time I talk to her. 🙂 ~ Ryan Balog, Florida

“Debbie has a wonderful skill of hearing the “best” in me.  She has guided me gently yet with conviction, reminding me of my strengths, my duty to myself, and of my need to stay true to my path towards becoming not only a health coach, but my highest dream of myself.  She keeps me on track, and pulls out the vital information for us/me to focus on from session to session.  Thank you, Debbie!”
Amy Bright, NH

“Debbie has been an increasingly powerful health coach to me.  Over the course of 5 months, our sessions have progressed to a more meaningful and helpful level.  I always come away from each session with new helpful ideas and thoughts, and look forward to the subsequent session!  I highly recommend her!”

Debbie Katz, VA
“I love working with Deb as my health coach because she pushes me to set goals for myself and hold myself accountable for reaching them. She is very helpful during our sessions and knows just when to say something or when to let me talk my way through it. She has definitely made my experience with health coaching a positive one and it helps me want to help others as well.’
Jessica Rodriguez, GA
Debbie has been such an inspirational health coach.  She has pushed me outside of my comfort zone when I needed a push, she has listened to me when I needed an ear, she makes me believe when I have doubt and she makes me believe I can do whatever I put my mind to!  Thank you Debbie! ~ Sandy Pallotta
“Deb’s has been a great support and inspirational to me during my journey as a student.  She is always very knowledgeable, positive, energetic. She has great ideas and very helpful.  I am so happy that I have Debbie to guide me through this exciting year! Thanks again. Rajika”
I enjoyed Debbie as a Weight Watchers Leader, which is how I got to know her.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg!  She is a warm personable, knowledgeable Health Coach who has the ability to motivate you, cheer you on and be a wonderful example of healthy living to follow.
She gently leads you in a more healthful direction.  Sitting and chatting with Debbie is like a big hug for your soul!  She keeps things very upbeat and encourages you as you move along on your journey.
She gets to know you well and remembers from session to session things that are important to you.  She is a wonderful listener and you know she is authentic  in that she herself has been there.  Much of what we discuss; losing weight, getting through tough times,are things that she has worked through herself and with success.  She can help you get there too!.”
Deborah, Trumbull, CT

“Debbie has a special gift. She listens with a compassionate heart and is truly concerned about your overall health and well being. She has taught me to be honest about what I eat and to make better choices. Through the informative sessions I have learned that pre-packaged, so-called low calorie snacks are full of chemicals. I have drastically cut down on these products since attending her sessions and feel so much better! Her customized one-on-one approach will benefit everyone, especially those who have tried it all and are looking for specialized attention.”

Karen Millea
Shelton, CT

Diabesity Group

“This class is not just weight control, but it’s a healing of mind and spirit. It’s an education on how to live life healthily and happily. The social efforts of a group make life better and make the meetings fun and enriching. I have no more indigestion. Eating is enjoyable. Everything tastes better. Diabetes medications cut in half.”     Patti Schickler

“The class has helped me with my diabetes. Different ideas of how to balance my blood sugars and be more fit.”     Steve Sedlak

“Wonderful inspirational program on diabesity! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Debbie has taught us so many different ways to change our eating habits and exercise is so important. What a wonderful group of people we had in this group working together to support each other in our goals. Thanks so much Debbie for all our new healthy habits.”     Debbie Mica

“Debbie you happen to be one of the most knowledgeable person in nutrition
that I have the honer to meet and to know you…. I have nothing
but a complete admiration of how you conduct yourself,and the utmost
respect to whatever you might recommend to do in your field.”    Abdel Hady

“Debbie has taught me to read the ingredients on the labels, it has taught me that even if something is marked healthy that is not always the case.  I am now cooking more meals at home, instead of eating out.  I am more aware of what I am eating and my family is eating healthier.  I will definitely participate in this program when it starts up again in October and I highly recommend it.  When you go to the doctor they usually gift you a long list of what you can’t have or that you need to lose weight and you are left sitting there thinking, now what?  For me, Debbie IS the now what?”      Jeannine Canapetti


“Very informative, full of helpful information toward thyroid health.” Lynn Baer
“Very informative, great information on eating habits and proper foods and recipes for a healthy thyroid.” Dee