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Monthly archive for November 2011

2011-11-21 Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING is my favorite holiday! In my family we have kept the tradition for many years of gathering together with family and significant others that have become part of our family. For as long as I can remember we had an abundance of traditional holiday foods, eggnog,

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“I came to Debbie at an upside-down time in my life. I was emotionally drained and struggling with an increasing waistline which dragged me down even more. I felt I needed something more than a “diet”. Debbie has inspired me and uplifted me after each session. The

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10 things you can do to improve your health and lifestyle in 10 minutes?

In past years I have allowed myself the excuse of not exercising; it’s too cold, it’s snowing, I don’t want to put all those layers on, etc.  The bottom line We can talk ourselves into and out of absolutely anything!  This year talk yourself into doing things

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Group Weigh Less Program and Group Diabesity Program

7 One hour Group Sessions $210.00 Per Person DIABESITY is one or more of the following: obesity, pre diabetes, diabetes, heart conditions Gift Certificates are available upon request. Your Program will Include: One hour class each session Newsletters and email support Access to a lending library of

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2011-11-01 Finding Balance in Autumn

When we think of fall, our mind turns to leaves changing color, cooler days, heartier foods and heavier clothing to keep us warm. There is a reason for this – just like nature knows exactly what to do to balance itself so do our bodies. The body

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